Membership RAFA/PANA

Membership Criteria for RAFA/PANA

RAFA/PANA is a network that exist to facilitate the promotion of physical activity in the Americas with a minimum of estructure and bureaucracy. Four key themes guide the operations of RAFA: action, inclusivity, simplicity and flexibility.

  • A demonstrated commitment to promoting physical activity at the local, state, national, or international level.
  • A commitment to being an active member of the network: sharing information and working with other members of network, especially within an institution's own country.
  • Membership is institutional, not individual or national. Governmental and nongovernmental organizations, universities, research institutes, community organizations, and other non-profit organizations and institutions may join the network. More than one institution per country may belong to the network.
  • Members of the network must submit an annual report to the secretariat. The annual report should cover the previous calendar year and be no longer than 2 single spaced pages. Additional materials may be attached. The report is due to the secretaria by January 31.

Maintaining RAFA/PANA Membership

To maintain active membership in the network an institution must continue to work in physical activity, submit annual reports, and attend at least one annual meeting every three years.

Procedures for selecting the RAFA Executive Committee

The RAFA Executive Committee will consist of 9 members. It is preferable that at any one time no more than two members of the Executive Committee come from the same country. Executive Committee candidates must belong to a RAFA member institution and must be in attendance at the annual meeting. Members will be elected at the annual RAFA meeting. Executive Commitee membres will serve a term of 3 years. The 9 members on the number of terms Executive Committee members or the chair may serve.



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