Shares in Alliance for Advocacy and planning committees

1. Summit of the United Nations (Download Advocacy Committee 2011).

2. To meet Objective 1, Action 1.1 of the Strategic Plan RAFA 2009 to 2011:
Is encouraged to raise support and advice to the category of National Network On National Networks National Networks in training and in period Activation: was technical advice to Uruguay and was scheduled to start conference with El Salvador. We will contact the other networks.

3. Promoting Physical Activity Participation including the RAFA Canada.

4. Partnership with companies:
Review and consideration put into the "Guidelines for working with private industry."

5. We begin with a Social Commitment Campaign RAFA:
"Each member will spend 1 hour per week for Rafa" ("on a cumulative or continuous") to fulfill our dream.

6. Use of the logo RAFA:
Its use should be requested from the EC and approved by Executive Committee.

7. RAFA identify important achievement from 2011 to 2012.

Physical Activity in the United Nations Summit on Chronic Diseases

South American Ministers of Health committed to strengthening regional intersectoral policies to combat noncommunicable diseases

Ministers and health authorities of South America, pledged to prioritize and strengthen political commitment in the development and strengthening of effective cross-sectoral policies aimed at reducing risk factors for Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases (NCD), consistent with actions internationally are being propitiated. The resolution was adopted at the Fourth Meeting of South American Health Council of UNASUR that took place this day in Montevideo, Uruguay will be raised by the Meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) to be held in late April on Moscow in preparation for the UN meeting to be held in New York in September.

Declaration of the Latin American civil society against the health emergency that represent ENT

Noncommunicable diseases exacerbate poverty and inequality

(Buenos Aires, 04.03.2011) More than 40 civil society organizations in Latin America gathered in Buenos Aires, Latin America today launched the Healthy Coalition (CLAS) and issued a statement recognizing the very serious impact of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in the region, not only as a health emergency but as a human development issue and an obstacle in the fight against poverty. Therefore, the CLA urged the chiefs and heads of state to participate in the high-level United Nations noncommunicable diseases in order to put international agenda an action plan for prevention, control and treatment of these diseases.



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