2012 Rafa-Pana Award of the American College of Sports Medicine Sponsored by The CDC

What is RAFA-PANA?

La Red de Actividad Física de las Américas (RAFA) / The Physical Activity Network of the Americas (PANA) was created to build a network of public and private, national and international institutions to promote health and quality of life through physical activity. Its mission is to promote healthy lifestyles by facilitating the integration and dissemination of policies, programs, strategies and experiences of institutions and communities throughout the Americas.

Eligibility for award

Any professional in a discipline recognized by the American College of Sports Medicine and with at least a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. Applicant must live in a member country of RAFA-PANA, other than the United States or Canada.
Membership in ACSM is NOT a requirement.

Program goals

This program encourages creative approaches to promote the acquisition of technical expertise and/or scientific knowledge by professionals through an international exchange. Award recipients from RAFA-PANA countries other than Canada and the United States are required to travel to an institution in the United States or Canada. Toward this end, any professional activity that can be shown to advance the goals of RAFA-PANA will be considered.

Application Checklist and deadline

  • Please refer to the application checklist for the complete list of materials to be included in your application packet. All material must be submitted in English.
  • It is the responsibility of every applicant to choose a host who is a member of ACSM. ACSM will NOT match applicants with possible hosts.
  • ALL APPLICANTS must submit a completed application form stating clearly the objectives (see sections on Objectives and Activities in the application form) of the visit and how this visit will help promote the goals of RAFA-PANA in the home country of the applicant (see Importance of the visit in the application form).
  • ALL APPLICANTS must submit their own Curriculum Vitae.
  • ALL APPLICANTS must submit a letter of recommendation from a professional superior or senior colleague indicating that the applicant satisfies the requirements for submission and would benefit from this program.
  • ALL APPLICANTS must submit the Curriculum Vitae of the host.



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