World Day of Physical Activity

Be Active Everyday! April 6th, 2018

Agita Mundo Network is please to announce today the official launch of the 2018 Celebrations of the World Day for Physical Activity.

Please put in your calendar, on April 6th we will celebrate the WDPA with the slogan: Be Active Everyday!

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After the great success of World Health Day 2002, which managed to mobilize 148 countries with a total of 1987 events with the slogan "Agita Mundo - Move for Health", translated into 63 different languages, the World Health Assembly WHO called on Member States held one day every year in order to promote physical activity as essential for health and wellbeing.

So it was officially launched in internationally an annual initiative with the slogan "Agita Mundo-Move for Health" which has a wide network of links in communities around the world. The celebration of the day is part of a broader initiative by WHO, to combat the growing burden of chronic diseases through the Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, which also received its mandate in the framework of the World Health Assembly.

WHO, in its Global Strategy on Diet and Physical Activity, he proposed a schematic model for use in countries and seeks to explain how they influence policies, programs, and their implementation in behavior changes in a population. In this model the behavior change of the population would bring social, health and economic benefits (WHO, 2009). The goal this year is to mobilize globally to the population in physical activity events to sensitize the adoption of an active lifestyle as a way to maintain health, under international theme "Physical inactivity is disease !, physical activity is health ".


  • Reduce the rate of physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle in the general population.
  • Promote the adoption of active lifestyles throughout the population, by building an active and healthy conscience. personal skills.
  • Raising public awareness and social organizations on the epidemic of inactivity and the importance of an active lifestyle to improve health and prevent chronic noncommunicable diseases.
  • Promote strategies and effective practices to promote an active and healthy life.
  • Flattering create environments that contribute to strengthening the capacity of communities to perform physical activity.
  • Implement public health policy in primary health prevention. for physical activity; and increase the capacity of the health sector.

More information: World Day for Physical Activity



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